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MunchMonitor is an easy way for parents to order online from the school canteen, uniform shop and other services such as fundraisers, excursions, camps and events.

MunchMonitor's 'Pro' solution is a complete school canteen or uniform shop management system. Parents can order online and they can also choose to allow their child to use a pre-paid card linked to their online account (with spend limits selected).

MunchMonitor Pro has many benefits:

  • Save time - automatic tally sheets and labels printed for online orders means you don't have to tally all those paper bag orders and count the coins.
  • Simplify school canteen & uniform shop management - at the touch of a button you'll have access to a wide range of reports including P&L, total sales or by item and stocktake. This eliminates hours spent pouring over manual records to know how your canteen or uniform shop is running financially.
  • Improve financial viability - Pro provides tools for better stock, cash and margin control. This in addition to the management reports means you have the ability to make effective decisions easily.
  • Increase speed of service line - most school canteens struggle to get through the service line quick enough to give students time to eat lunch and play. Our handy touch screen terminals are fast to use and pre-paid cards means you don't waste time taking cash and handing out change.
  • Reduce cash on school grounds - with pre-paid cards for the school canteen, students won't need to take cash to school, decreasing your OH&S risks associated with cash handling and bullying.
MunchMonitor provides all the equipment with no setup fees so it's really easy to get started.


School canteens and uniform shops face two critical issues. The first is being short of time and volunteers to help run them and the second is a requirement to break even or make a profit to continue servicing the school community.

While online ordering is a great convenience for parents, MunchMonitor Pro is a complete management system helping save you time and providing critical reporting tools to assist with the financial management of your canteen or uniform shop.


Anything at a school that a parent needs to order or pay for including school canteens or tuckshops, uniform shops, fundraisers, camps, excursions, books, tuition and voluntary contributions.

MunchMonitor works in exactly the same way for uniform shops as the school canteen. Whether it's open daily or just once a week, your automatic tally sheets and labels for your online orders will be ready for you. You don't have to wait for us to send an email.  We also offer perpetual inventory in the MunchMonitor software where, at the touch of a button, you can see the quantities on the shelf and the current value of your stock.

Our motto is to make your school day easy so our customer service is second to none.

  • Online orders are monitored each day by our customer service team to ensure all orders are received
  • 1300 help desk for parents and schools
  • Dedicated account manager for your school with a direct contact number
  • We visit your school to install and conduct training. No pesky installation instructions to follow
  • Performance snapshot emailed to you fortnightly/monthly. A quick, easy reference to see how your canteen/uniform shop is performing
  • Pro customers receive a detailed performance analysis at the end of each term
  • Promotional content provided for your school newsletters, website or other materials.

MunchMonitor is used by primary, secondary and combined schools in both the government and private sector. Our customers have student numbers ranging from 400 to 3,300.

Our customers include school canteens/tuckshops and uniform shops run by P&Cs, school administration or external companies.

Definitely not. The MunchMonitor system is incredibly easy to use and has been specifically designed for school canteen or uniform shop staff and volunteers. The system was developed after spending more than 300 hours volunteering in school canteens and uniform shops.

You only need one printer for MunchMonitor. Both your order tally sheet and labels can be printed on any A4 printer (provided by MunchMonitor).

We also provide you with 2,100 labels to get you started. Generic branded labels are then just $0.01 per label. We keep our fees low by not charging you up-front for labels.

All online transactions are processed by the National Australia Bank, offering you the online security of big banks. MunchMonitor do not obtain any credit card details for any transaction. Parents who are uncomfortable using credit cards online can top up their account with cash at the canteen or uniform shop.

No, we want to encourage the use of the canteen so we don't believe charging a transaction fee for every single order is right. We have one low flat fee, charged to family accounts per school term.  This is irrespective of how many students are on the account or how many orders are placed.

No, we don't charge parents any fees to top-up their account.

Yes. In fact most schools choose to start mid-term so they are up and running for the beginning of the following term